Eetversbox Identity

Eetvers is a local initiative that aims to bring locally grown fruit and vegetables together with recipes to the consumer. Actively collaborating with a broad network of farmers across the region, the company tries to support local businesses and implement small chain groceries in amore organized, collaborative, and strategical manner. At the beginning of 2020, I was asked to propose a“new” logo as well as a completely new layout for their recipes.

From the start, essential to stick with the quirky letters, as it provides a clear and differentiating angel. The first stop was to unify the brand’s iconic elements to work together harmoniously. The newly created fruit silhouettes still have all the recognizable qualities of their predecessor but have been simplified to work anywhere. Consisting of a vibrant and playful set of colors that are AA for digital & packaging.

Taking inspiration from the experience and memories in the kitchen, inspiration came from the use of sticky notes. Something we all find back in the cookbooks and notebooks of family recipes.To explicitly transmit the flavor and liveliness of Eetversboxs' aim, I choose a lively color palette that has again its link to the sticky notes as well as the colors of fresh fruit and vegetables. Just like the same way a meal comes together on a plate, the aim was to create a somehow flexible layout system that brings all the elements together as a shifting grid.

EST. 1997